Market Watch (2014 – 2017):co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union. Sixteen civil society organisations from all across Europe have come together to form MarketWatch, campaign of testing everyday products in shops and online, MarketWatch will shine a spotlight on those manufacturers and retailers failing to follow EU regulations and depriving their customers of the energy savings they think they are getting.
EcoLife (2013 – 2016) -Ecological Lifestyles for CO2 Reductions- is an European Union funded project that aims inform and to give suggestions to European citizens on possible sustainable changes in their daily lifestyles to reduce CO2 and greenhouse effects and global warming.
Safer Internet Center – Generazioni Connesse (2012-2014): co-funded by the EU’s Directorate for Communications Networks, Content & Technology. Its aim is to develop awareness raising material, organize campaigns and information sessions for children and young people, parents, carers, social workers and teachers to enable children and young people to make responsible use of on-line technologies. The project is managed by the Instruction Minister, Save the Children and Telefono Azzurro, while MDC acts as implementing partner.
Adicae (2009) : co-funded by the EU’s Directorate-General for Justice. It consisted on a European cycle of seminaries for the means of payment fraud prevention in collaboration with the Police and Judicial authorities consumers association and professional organizations. The purpose of the project was the prevention on fraud in means of payment, emphisizing to its transnational dimension and the assitance the victims of these crimes.
Periscope (2007-2010): co-funded by the EU’s Executive Agency for Health and Consumers for the prevention of child obesity. Periscope as Pilot European Regional Interventions for Smart Childhood Obesity Prevention in Early Age aimed at challenging the increase of child obesity in 3 European countries: Italy, Denmark and Poland.